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We have advertising options to accommodate your personal and/or firm needs. We list firms, sole practicing lawyers, boutique firms, members, and associates. Since 1999 our team produces lead generation web solutions by delivering new clientele to law offices.

For the Clientele: Free Consultation! We promote a free 15 minute consultation with a local dui law firm. Our directory features a Click on State search. Results are displayed by relevancy, distance, alphabetical or popular. County links provide a county breakdown of each counties listing. Each listing provides potential client with a brief background on the firm, a form for contact, phone number, map, hours and much more. Our efforts are concentrated on local driven inquires based by internet keyword search and specific area of practice.

Law firm listing provides client with a streamline of information on how to contact the firm and the firms accolades, each of our lawyers are required to maintain malpractice insurance and be licensed by the State bar. Lawyers are displayed by State and then listed by County the firm entertains new clientele. We display a "FEATURED" in our national directory duilawyerlocator.com STATE page.  Showing up in Google for a wide variety of targeted keywords. We focus on “State” dui lawyer and “county dui lawyer, our featured packages targets State, County and local city searches.

We provide all the features needed to maintain peace of mind with your information on the internet, - descriptions, photos, maps, video, categories, keywords, hours and more you control. Your dashboard controls all options for each account. Add badges for the organizations you belong to. There are also convenient sharing buttons to promote the sharing of listings on social media. Load YouTube videos and links to Firm Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.


You control your reviews in the dashboard. Listing owners will receive an email when their listing has a new review. They can login and add a management response. Law Firm has total control of reviews.


Log in to view a dashboard for showing detailed statistics about views and click-through traffic that your listing is receiving. The report can be configured to email to you monthly. We can also provide a tracking phone number that allows the Firm to check results in real-time.


Leads from potential clients that come in through the contact forms are all stored in the Sponsors section, which includes a handy tool to follow up. We can provide a local number that calls are forward from that will enable phone call tracking. Real time stats! 

Our system is proven and we provide results. With our Diamond Package we focus on local client generation with a keyword campaign geared towards “city-dui-lawyer or attorney” Our landing page design using a city domain has been proven solid for over 20 years of client generation. Get an easy to remember dui domain for your firm.


Our FEATURED law firm will have an exclusive City link on top of State Page. FEATURED FIRMS are those that use one of our local dui/dwi domains. We have a large portfolio of domain names we use to focus on local keyword and search result. Our web pages are set up using a request from client form page that takes the information such as: Name, E-Mail, Phone, and Court Date with an included CAPTCHA. Pages are developed using our landing page design or linking that back to your Firm website. As a rule we focus these pages on the keyword associated with the domain name. i.e. meadville dui lawyer (meadvilleduilawyer.com) 


View our packages for details on what is best for your firm. Contact us for your free proposal

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We do feature niche names in the market as well as local city dui keyword enhancement pages.



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Featured Domain Programs


We feature lease programs and development options on a large portfolio of domain names. Our premium names are based on location and practice area for lawyers or law firms. Our domain names are leased or many are for sale. A firm's search engine marketing should be viewed with a domain name included that enhances and/or defines the firm.


Many lawyers are buying up the local keyword domains using them to increase their online footprint. We offer many options in the lease of our domains. We have a Landing Page Program where the firm is exposed exclusively on the domain. Others feature the more extensive brochure or a full website.


Dui, Drug, and Personal Injury names are our specialty. We do feature personal injury and niche market names ... email or call us for our list of names and prices. We can help find the perfect name for your firm ... we have access to names not being sold on the open market.


Our Local Landing Page is a focused web page that uses researched keywords and a unique domain name associated with your practice area and/or geographic location. Our Local Landing Page enables Firms to incorporate new client-case inquiries based on a direct target market approach. We use the most common keyword when searching on line or with your phone. Domains target ... CITY DUI/DWI LAWYER/ATTORNEY



*** Gold Package 1 (one) Local Landing Page featuring Firm/ Lawyer exclusivly

*** Diamond Package (multi domains, *one per County based on location, choose if have multiple cities to target exclusively)


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