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Have you been charged with a drunk driving related offense?

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Have you been charged with a drunk driving related offense?

If so, you don't have much time. Drunk Driving charges often carry severe penalties.

You may face:

  1. The immediate loss of driving privileges
  2. Vehicle impoundment
  3. Fines
  4. House arrest,
  5. Local incarceration in jail or even prison time.

Hiring a qualified DUI/ Drunk Driving lawyer to defend you during this time will help you resolve your case quickly and possibly reduce the severity of your charges. Your future is at risk. Get back on the road to freedom. FREE CASE EVALUATION



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What is a drunk driving offense?


Drunk driving charges occur when a drivers ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired or their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level higher than the legal limt of .08%.

Laws and penalties regarding drunk driving related offenses vary from state to state. Some states refer the them as DUI (driving under the influence), DUI (driving while intoxicated), OWI (operating while impaired) or OUI (operating under the influence) but they all refer to the same type of offense. Drunk driving charges often carry severe penalties including prison time.


If you, or someone you love, have been charged with a DUI or other drunk driving related offense seriously consider hiring an experienced DUI Lawyer.




We provide a list of information relating dui dwi and drunk driving.


DUI Consequences


What you can expect in general, this may very from case to case and State to State.


Following a DUI arrest

Dui Testing


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