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According to Louisiana DUI law, if you are 21 years or older and test with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more, or are under 21 with a 0.02% BAC, you are considered legally intoxicated. A DUI/DWI charge entails two separate and important actions, 1) a civil action that involves your driving privileges and 2) a misdemeanor or felony criminal action depending on the charges. D.W.I. is what the law refers to as an enhanceable offense, meaning the potential penalties and sentences grow more severe with each subsequent arrest. In addition to losing your license, your vehicle may be confiscated and sold, and you may be subject to heavy fines, high insurance premiums and substantial jail time.

Defense of a DWI/DUI charge can be quite challenging since there are witnesses (the police) and scientific evidence (BAC tests) that will be used against you. The police officers that made the arrest have likely testified in many D.W.I. trials and know exactly what to say. You need an attorney with the knowledge and experience to examine these officers aggressively to bring out any inconsistencies or sloppy police work that could result in a not guilty verdict for you. We will fight the formidable odds in a DUI/DWI case by preparing a solid defense based on:

  • analyzing the facts of your case
  • exploring other reasons that may have led to your initial stop by police including any health, weather, or road conditions
  • whether proper procedures were followed in stopping, testing and charging you
  • maneuvering through the complicated maze of procedural, evidentiary, constitutional and administrative issues and
  • strategies to minimize the penalties and potential sentence.

Whether you choose to stand trial or enter a plea bargain will be an important decision that affects your life and your future. While it is ultimately your decision, our attorneys will ensure that you thoroughly understand your options and the implications of your choices. Drunk driving laws are very complex and the punishments harsh and serious. You need the support of a legal team who is experienced with Louisiana laws, procedures, evidence and sentencing.

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